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 LOCAL BUSINESS GOLDEND PLR is a a system Google  allow business owners to create a profile that displays their name, address, website link, phone number, hours of operation, photos and reviews online so it can appear in a Google search result. Once created, this profile page is displayed on both mobile and desktop devices in relevant search results. Below is a sample for Brillion Power Equipment, a Gravely dealer:

Every day, billions of people use Google to search for a wide variety of information — a local coffee shop, home repair tips, fashion trends, celebrity news, and so much more.

Here’s Exactly What Your Custormer Are Geting!

  • Module 1 – Google My Business INTRODUCTION!! Value: $1600
  • Module 2 – Premier Training Guide On Google My Business Reloaded Value: $1600
  • Module 3 –Google My Business – Listing Products And Services Value: $1577
  • Module 4 –Ranking In The Google Maps Section Or In The 3-Pack Value: $1577
  • Module 5 –Verify And. Optimize Your Business’s Listing Value: $457
  • Module 6 –How To Get Clients, Optimize Their Listings, And Post Content Value: $145
  • Module 7 –Professionally Designed Graphics Value:#187
  • Module 8 –Social Media Graphics Value: $175
  • Module 9 –Professionally Designed Graphics Value :100
  • Module 10 – PDF Graphics Value: $60
  • Module 11– Email Template To Contact BusinessesValue: $50
  • Module 12 – Training Video For Editing/Uploading Value: $600
  • Module 13 – World Class DONE FOR YOU Support – Value: PRICELESS

Time Is Almost Up, Here You Have My 18 Reasons Why You Should Promote LOCAL BUSINESS GOLDEND PLR NOW!

 LOCAL BUSINESS GOLDEND PLR benefits are important and every online marketer and business owner should be aware of them. Taking care of the account on Google My Business is a Must to everyone who wants to stand out among competitors.

  • Appear in Maps

Every business aims to be listed on Top of Google searches, whenever someone wants to know more about a specific location, service, or product.

  • Appear in Google Search

Besides the scenario of someone searching for your business name directly, some people only search for a specific product/service that’s similar or identical to yours.

  • Fast review-hosting

As seen in the previous example, if you search for Publer on Google, you will be able to easily write reviews for the product. Google allows such a thing in order to increase user’s engagement and also, help businesses know more about their customer’s experience

  • Free advertising

Google My Business doesn’t require a sign-up fee, nor extra payments to let you add information, or post Updates, Offers, and Events. Therefore, you’re displaying your website, products, and services for Free. People can easily find you on Google while searching for something similar to what you’re offering.

  • Free account

That’s right. Google My Business is a practical, easy-to-use, and provides Premium options – for Free.

  • Easy to use

Just like 1,2,3. All you need to do is create a Google My Business account and add the correct information: contact details, directions, website, etc. If you want to save a lot of time and still be active by sharing Updated, Offers, and Events on Google My Business, you can always schedule your posts.

  • Provide updated contact information

Ever wondered how people should know about your changed email address, phone number, or the new office location? Well, on Google My Business that’s the last problem that you will ever have. Just like in any other social network, your profile is editable. You can always update your information.

  • Share offers

No need to overthink and spend a lot of time on extra efforts to provide a new offer for the customers. Google My Business allows everyone to take action to different offers in a click.

  • Earn trust

People love Google My Business. Not only do they have access to the direction and contact information, but they can easily read reviews. Everyone wants to know how a previous customer found the services/tools. This is the fastest way to realize whether a brand is worth it or not – based on the majority of reviews.

It’s important to read reviews before making a move (paying for a service, ordering a product, etc.). Reviews can help convince and boost new customers’ trust.

  • Increase traffic and sales

As explained above, Google My Business, unlike many social networks, provides CTA buttons that allow people to take action towards an Update, Event, or Offer. Also, people can get redirected to a website in seconds, find the right directions, read reviews, etc.

  • Improves SEO

Did you know that Google My Business is one of the most powerful SEO tools? Adding the proper details to your profile will help optimize your ranking.

Your ranking on Google is determined by the name, address (correct location), phone number (updated), and website.

  • Advanced ROI (CTA buttons)
  • Partnership opportunities

Many brands don’t have a website, therefore it is a bit more difficult to stand out or get found. But, Google My Business doesn’t require such a thing, as long as a brand has something to offer.

  • It is the future

Google My Business is considered the future of online marketing. Not only is it part of the largest search engine, but all its information and posts have a quick and positive performance.

Whether people want to find out the closest local business, directions, contact details, reviews, working hours, etc

GUARANTEED High Conversions For You

A Product That Sells ITSELF

This Offer is guaranteed to be a big success. It fills one of the BIGGEST niches in IM, with a hungry audience and it does it at a quality that blows the competition out of the water! Expect $10+ EPCs and May’s Biggest PayDay


(50% Commission Funnel Wide)

Front End ($17)

  • Module 1 – Google My Business INTRODUCTION!! 
  • Module 2 – Premier Training Guide On Google My Business Reloaded
  • Module 3 –Google My Business – Listing Products And Services
  • Module 4 –Ranking In The Google Maps Section Or In The 3-Pack
  • Module 5 –Verify And. Optimize Your Business’s Listing
  • Module 6 –How To Get Clients, Optimize Their Listings, And Post Content
  • Module 7 –Professionally Designed Graphics
  • Module 8 –Social Media Graphics
  • Module 9 –Professionally Designed Graphics
  • Module 10 – PDF Graphics 
  • Module 11– Email Template To Contact Businesses
  • Module 12 – Training Video For Editing/Uploading
  • Module 13 – World Class DONE FOR YOU Support – Value: PRICELESS!

OTO1 ($37)

  • Google Local Business : Get Calls Immediately
  • Google Local Business Ideas : Add Offers For Clients
  • Google My Business For Ecommerce : Products & Events Increase Sales
  • Get The Local Advantage With Google My Business
  • Delete That Negative Google Review Fast!
  • Revealing My Google Business Reviews Strategy
  • How To Maximise Google My Business reviews – The Easy Way
  • Local Business Marketing Tips 2023
  • YouTube For Business Marketing : How To Use Business Videos For Better Results
  • 7 ways to improve your local business ranking
  • Adding Timestamps to YouTube To Boost Business
  • Google Business Optimization Tips to Rank Higher
  • Google and Your Business : Will you eat like an expert in 2023?
  • Google My Business Video Maker (FREE MARKETING VIDEO)
  • Google My Business Open, Closed, Temporary & Permanent
  • 5 Google My Business mistakes To Avoid In 2023 : (& How To Fix Them)
  • HOW TO GROW WITH GOOGLE (From My Own Experience)
  • How To Optimise Your Business For Voice Search (Does Google My Business Help?)
  • How COVID-19 Is Changing Google My Business
    Web Design 2023 – One Expert Working For Your Business
  • Get More Business with Searcher Intent – Quality Leads Not Quantity Traffic
  • Grow Your Business With Google Maps
  • How I Would Improve YOUR Business (Google My Business Reviews)
  • FREE Google My Business Course 2023: Introduction to GMB | Episode 1
  • SIMPLE REGISTRATION: Free Google My Business Course 2023 | Episode 2
  • CONSISTENCY VS YOU : Free Google My Business Course 2023 | Episode 3
  • Adding Gmb Photos? Watch This Video First!
  • IMPROVE LOCAL RANKING: Free Google My Business Course 2023| Episode 5
  • How To Brand Your Google My Business Profile
  • ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS : Google My Business Insights Explained
  • Before Your Next Google My Business Post: Watch This!
  • MEASURING SEO SUCCESS in Google My Business | Episode 10
  • How To Delete A Google Review Someone Else Posted in 2021
  • PHONE VS TRACKING TOOL: Google My Business Local SEO
  • Seo Workflow To Boost Your Google My Business Rankings
  • 13 Google My Business TIPS & TRICKS
  • How to Add Your Shop to Google Maps (3 Ways For 2023)

OTO2 ($27)

  • 0:00 Introduction to website traffic

    1: Issues I faced in business

    2: Local SEO

    3: Traffic using keywords

    5: Branding For Traffic

    7:  Update regularly on the website                                          

    9: Add videos for improved engagement

    10: Trends help bring in huge traffic

    12: Images are promoted by Google

    13: Email marketing for loyal returning traffic

    14: Repurpose and optimise old articles

    15:Social media traffic

OTO3 ($19)

  • 18,000 Corel Draw Template ( these are done for you template of flyers, brochures, book cover, etc on corel draw )
  • 20,000 Premium Fonts to choose from to create amazing designs projects with a massive collection of fonts
  • 1000+ Flyers, posters and business card on photoshop
  • 1000 Customized PNG files
  • 5000+ Stock Images to create amazing backgrounds and design
  • 4000 icons (including social media, logos, and a lot more)
  • 100+ intro/outro template to create logos and videos intro
  • Unlimited High quality mock up Software to present your works
  • Access to a Premium Graphics Design Software For free
  • Access to a closed SKYPE group for 24/7 support and opportunities to meet other creative minds

Creating, verifying, and properly optimizing your Google My Business account is an invaluable opportunity, which is why you should utilize this feature to its fullest extent.

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The Contest

The contest begins when the product launches and runs until midnight of the last launch day, eastern time. Please see the dates above!

  • First Place: $500
  • Second Place: $200
  • Third Place: $150
  • Fourth Place: $100
  • Fifth Place: $50

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If you need anything at all, regarding the promotion or you just want to get in touch with me and say “Hi”. Feel free to contact me below, I would love to hear from you:

I appreciate you checking out my JV page. If you have any questions at all or if you need extra tools for your promotions, please feel free to contact us at:

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  • Q.   Will this work in ANY NICHE?

Yes, this will work for any niche. Obviously, some large niches or cities are more competitive and usually take longer to rank. 


Definitely, We have several clients from those locations and countries.

  • Q.   How Long Will It Take To Rank?

Of course, we don’t have a crystal ball and you already know how difficult this can be. You will get access to exactly the same methods that we use for our own clients and they are all happy with the calls they receive. 


you are covered by my “STEAL MY PRODUCT” 15 day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose.

All the risk is on me. You are 100% covered.


Yes, this is a completely new 10 step training, which you never have seen before.


With the PRO version you also get:  1) LOCAL BUSINESS GOLDEND PLR Client Getting Website, 2) LOCAL BUSINESS GOLDEND PLR Client Getting Email Template, 3)  Voice Drop Message, 4)  Client Contract Template. 5) You Get ALL Bounuse To Fastrack  LOCAL BUSINESS GOLDEND PLR

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